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Introduction to Our Team

The Residential Services team is committed to providing high level of service to clients,both individual and corporate,by assisting and advising them through the complexity of real estate transactions and issues unique to China .

Commencing from the initial step of introducing executives to the city and its culture,the Residential Services team smoothes the process of settling into a new environment.

·     Market Overview & Analysis.
·     Recommendation on accommodation strategy.
·     Identify suitable apartments,on the basis of timing/size/location/facilities.
·     Arrange property inspections.
·     Negotiate for best leasing terms.
·     Handle and prepare related legal documentation.
·     Coordination during tenant's move to make sure its requirement is met by
·     Provide referential advice to tenant's on setting-up new apartments,if required.
·     Relocation and Orientation.

In addition to conventional services,Homelink Real Estate has developed a tailored Residential Services Program for multinational corporations who have a large expatriate workforce,requiring significant internal resources to manage.This program has the capability to incorporate value added services such as:

·     Portfolio Audit
·     Transaction Management
·     Lease Administration
·     Property Management
·     Provision of Market Update and Report


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